Proposed cuts to Medicaid will put millions of patients in jeopardy throughout Illinois, especially those who depend on safety-net hospitals. A majority of our patients are on Medicaid and turn to us for vital medical care, including preventative services, specialized care, and emergency and mental health services. Beyond medical care, safety-net hospitals are economic anchors and engines within the communities they call home. We are ready to work with lawmakers and to do our part to find solutions that will protect patients and spare safety-net hospitals from these devastating cuts.

$1.462B in proposed cuts to Medicaid that will disproportionately impact safety-net hospitals

fact-pie $320.8 million – Elimination & reductions to vital services, including podiatry, dental, nursing home and mental health services $290.6 million – Elimination or decreases in optional services $74.5 million – Increased scrutiny on eligibility verification $41.3 million – Elimination & reductions in vital state programs, including the breast and cervical cancer program and the state’s only dialysis program $734.9 million – Direct hospital reductions